Overcoming Self-Sabotage


A 3-hour Workshop

what we have learned about you

In our self-sabotage survey, 63% of you said you self-sabotage in your health and fitness, 50% of you sabotage your relationships, and 28% of you self-sabotage your career and finances through a mix of several different self-sabotaging behaviours.
I noticed you haven’t signed up for the workshop yet.
I have to ask: are you sabotaging yourself by not signing up?
what is self-sabotage?

Self-sabotage causes stagnancy and wreckage of all the areas in which it exists, and it’s no small thing to overcome. In fact, your physiology, psychology, and chemistry are all wired against you overcoming self-sabotage.

I am excited to bring you the best tools I have learned to help me and many of my clients overcome self-sabotage in an in-depth 3-hour workshop for you on Friday, November 24th, live on Zoom.

We will uncover the depth of self-sabotage, its impact, and how to overcome it with real strategies and tools to make a difference right now.

Still Thinking About it?

Where has overthinking, hesitating and procrastinating sabotaged you in the past?

By joining the workshop, you’ll gain access to:

3-hours of Live with Pam Rader (a $600 value!)
Plus access to 50% off Lifetime Access to the recording!
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It’s time for you to overcome self-sabotage!

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