Loving Your Addict

Loving Your Addict

Every day, we encounter addiction. We witness its impact through homelessness, mental health issues, and the damage it causes to relationships, families, communities, businesses, and sometimes even entire cities.

We know it’s not just the addict that needs recovery. Families need recovery, too. Old patterns of communication, co-dependency and reaction need to be investigated, and we all need tools to regulate our ravaged nervous systems to be able to reclaim our lives and be of the highest service to the people we love who are struggling.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, or if you know someone affected by another’s addiction and you’re seeking education, support or tools to guide you, you’ve come to the right place.

This meeting is a safe and confidential space for you to connect and gain the support you’ve been seeking. We would like to ask that you show kindness and respect for all people and points of view during these meetings.

The intention of our calls is that you will gain some insight into addiction and tools to aid in your own healing and recovery. Our highest intention is that you feel supported and connected.

You are welcome to bring a journal and a pen.

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