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In a world where leadership is not just about position, but about purpose, we understand the value of nurturing leaders who believe in the transformative power of heart-led leadership. We are excited to present a program that doesn’t just mould leaders; it nurtures individuals who are driven by a vision to inspire, impact, and influence with empathy and authenticity.

what's it all about?

Mastery Through Continuous Connection

With Leadership Unleashed Mastery, you will be part of an exclusive group that engages in weekly calls with Pam Rader. Gain firsthand insights, and strategies with Pam’s “ten-minute tactic” each week – a practical, bite-sized approach to elevate your leadership skills.

We understand that leadership comes with its own set of challenges, both in the professional and personal spheres. With Leadership Unleashed Mastery, we encourage you to bring these challenges to the table. Each call is an opportunity to receive personalized coaching from Pam Rader, coupled with collective wisdom from leaders spanning various industries. Together, we’ll overcome hurdles, inspire innovation, and foster growth.

Join Our 1-Day Immersion this march

Thursday, March 16th // 9:00am - 4:30pm
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what's included

Weekly Calls with Pam, Tuesdays, 12-1 pM PST

10-Minute Tactic
from Pam

Group Coaching with Pam - your questions answered

Recordings of the
Weekly calls

Handout for each
ten-minute tactic

Network to gain insight from our App

your seat at the table

To ensure a personalized experience, each group is limited to 10 participants. This guarantees that everyone benefits from direct coaching by Pam Rader.

Leadership Unleashed Mastery transcends the conventional and propels your growth. Be prepared to witness transformations not only in your leadership skills but in your overall approach to life.

why shift labs?

Whether you are already in a position of leadership or you are looking for an edge that will have you rising to the top of your organization, we’ve got tools that will make a measurable difference immediately.

Leadership is changing. Gone are the days of “top-down” implementation. Today’s successful leaders know how to inspire rather than “require.” They lead with heart and generate inspiration through their own actions.

This program teaches the art of heart-led leadership and how putting people first pays off for everyone. You will leave with the tools to coach your team to their own solutions and decrease interpersonal relationship problems. Become the leader that can lift your whole team up!


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Secure your place in Leadership Unleashed Mastery today and take the first step towards unleashing your true leadership potential. Together, we will redefine leadership, one heart-led step at a time. 

A one-year commitment is required. Payment is billed $2400 annually or $300 monthly.

This course is limited to ten participants. Join us now!

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