Leadership Unleashed: Deepen Your Impact

Leadership Unleashed:
Deepen Your Impact

what we teach you

Become an Extraordinary Facilitator

This course dives into what it takes to facilitate real change in both relationships and in organizations. If you are currently in a leadership, management or supervisory role, the skills delivered in this program will expand your level of leadership. Organizations grow when the people within them grow.

what's it all about?

Understanding the science of human behaviour can be a superpower

We guide you to lead others to new levels of performance and empowerment and give you tools to lead others to create solutions to their problems. When we leave others in their greatness we move from putting out fires to causing a lasting impact. Our program will have you shift from simply managing people to inspiring action through masterful facilitation, leaving you free to focus on what’s most important to you and your business. Leadership Unleashed is an introduction to both facilitation and coaching in any environment and is a must have for any leader who wants to develop the social-emotional skills necessary to thrive in today’s changing workforce.

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Thursday, March 16th // 9:00am - 4:30pm
who is this course for?

Whether you are already in a position of leadership or you are looking for an edge that will have you rising to the top of your organization, we’ve got tools that will make a measurable difference immediately.

Leadership is changing. Gone are the days of “top-down” implementation. Today’s successful leaders know how to inspire rather than “require.” They lead with heart and generate inspiration through their own actions.

This program teaches the art of heart-led leadership and how putting people first pays off for everyone. You will leave with the tools to coach your team to their own solutions and decrease interpersonal relationship problems. Become the leader that can lift your whole team up!

what this course includes
This program will run on Monday mornings beginning May 7th and will run for five weeks, ending June 4th.

You will receive coaching and the opportunity to practice the tools learned during 1-hour calls on Tuesdays from 7:00 - 8:00am with Pam Rader.


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